Sunday, May 7, 2023


 1. From under UTA with (L to R):

A. 3D printed Secondary Mirror in Snap-on rigid protective dust cup (bottom).

B. 3D printed oversized starpiece in the focuser for RLC/BRLC (laser collimator) dual-side projection screen with Cheshire center hole. 

C - secondary defogger switch body.
D - 3,5mm mono audio 12V output port.
E - <deleted>
F - 12V battery link cable port (banana audio female connector).
G - <deleted>
H - steel lanyard of the central truss pair's post nut.
a - TelDAR1 balls-mount 1/4-20 bolt end.
b - <deleted>
c - <deleted>
d - emergency TelRAD flat cradle mount bolts.
e - (3 visible out of 4) low profile feathertouch-type chewed up focuser mounting bolts (~M3)
f - <deleted>
g - central truss pair's post with inner clamp's nut&washer.
h - <deleted>
i - nylon shroud side (relaxed).


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