Sunday, July 24, 2011

My eyepieces

Plain list

DModel NameFNotesAFOV
2"Celestron E-Lux40mm56
2"APM UFF30mm!70
2"Zhumell26mmWF FMC?
2"Televue Ethos 17mm! Favorite100
2"No Name14mmSWA?
2"William Optics 8mm!101
2"Televue Radian 6mm60
2"Televue Ethos-SC 3.7mm!110
2"Zhumell ED Barlow2x! FMC?
1.25"Meade 5000 Plossl40mm?
1.25"Meade SP26mmLP +Sky Glow ?
1.25"Celestron UE FF24mm65
1.25"Meade GS-515mm?
1.25"Meade 4000 Plossl9mmMicrometer lit reticle40
1.25"Meade GS-57.5mm?
1.25"Assorted EPs

With ! I've marked my primary set, which is always in the box beside the z12 (with approx 2x magnitudes ramp). The rest are optional and speciality EPs used occasionally.

My favorite is the TV Ethos 17mm. Its images are really mind bending!

< More images and details are coming soon >